Bryony’s journey

Social action is a term often used by professionals. You see it in contracts, on project management plans and in funding applications.

But social action is about real people in real communities taking advantage of what’s on offer and using it to do good stuff (in all its forms) within their community.

Let’s talk about Bryony.

Bryony is 27 years of age, has 2 children (aged 4 and 2) and lives in Huntingdon, where she has resided for the past 5 years. Bryony is an accountant by trade, but has a number of long term health conditions, which makes any form of future planning difficult. Despite this, she joined her local Parents Forum and is passionate about local services, particularly the Children’s Centre which supported her through a very difficult part of her life.

If anything, social action is about people talking to people, it’s about the power of networking and partnership forming: The more that Bryony spoke to people the more she became convinced that in some way she could help her local community. The community organisation, Huntingdon Community Action was a perfect foil, and Bryony started to attend the Quest for Funding sessions, an innovative approach between the Children’s Centre and Support Cambridgeshire around local volunteers applying for funding to sustain important community initiatives.

Bryony readily admits that at the very first session she was anxious, concerned and felt there was very little she could offer. But with regularity comes confidence, and through the next 2 Quest for Funding sessions Bryony felt empowered to take the lead and form a group looking at potentially larger funds to sustain existing projects. Bryony recognises that on-going support is crucial, particularly whilst volunteers develop their skills and knowledge, and this is amply provided by both Support Cambridgeshire and the Children’s Centre staff.

So where is Bryony now: Working hard to find funds which can help her local community: Giving something back. Bryony has also become a Treasurer for a small local community organisation, adding to her growing levels of confidence.

Bryony states:

Without aiming for it, I have started on a journey which is giving me both confidence and skills. I feel like I can give something back to help others. Without our local services, mums like me would have no- where to go.

The support and advice I have received to date has been really helpful. Here’s to the next Quest for Funding Session.

Enough said………..


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