Change is here – learn how you can engage with health

Over the past year or so, Support Cambridgeshire has been heavily involved in integrating the VCS (Voluntary and Community sector) into the new Integrated Care System (ICS), the replacement to the CCG. As a result, we are excited to bring you some new pages to our website, which tell you how you can get involved and learn more about your voluntary or community group’s role in shaping your local area’s health and care services.

New ICS pages – the team here has been working hard to provide more information on the health changes. Currently, we have three pages, one around what the ICS is, our VCS Health Alliance and the Staff Support Hub. All of these are for your knowledge so you can integrate with the services and get your voice heard.

Voice Blogs– as part of the new work embedding VCS into this new system, several Voluntary and Community representatives attend high-level health meetings. Here you can read a summary of the meeting. If you have a question or want to add something to an agenda, go through the VCS rep; they represent the sector, so your voice matters.

In the future, we will need new representatives to attend these healthcare meetings. However, we can offer support and training to upskill you to do this effectively. So contact Support Cambridgeshire if you want to chat about this.

Health Alliance – One of the ways that support Cambridgeshire has created ladders up to the decision makers is through the Health Alliance, a meeting which allows the voices of the VCSE to get heard. Representatives from the boards attend along with a wide range of VCS reps, from small community groups to countywide providers. Are you interested to know more? Contact Debbie.

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