Zero Carbon Communities Grant Scheme

The South Cambridgeshire District Council grant scheme allows communities in South Cambridgeshire to take action on climate change at a very local level. South Cambs. communities of all sizes and levels of experience are encouraged to apply for these grants and bid for a share of the funding.

Applications are welcome for two themes:

  1. Reducing carbon emissions or locking up carbon
  2. Community engagement on climate change.

The deadline for applications is 5pm Wednesday 1 June. Details and how to apply.

A webinar is being held to provide information on applying to the grant between 7pm and 8pm on Tuesday 26 April. You can sign up here.

Nectar Donate

Crowdfunder and Nectar have launched a new way of charitable giving which enables 18 million Nectar members to donate their Nectar points to hundreds of UK charities and local good causes.

Whether you are a local or national charity, you could be eligible to receive an extra boost of funding. Find out more, set-up your charity profile and start collecting donations, run fundraisers and create Prize Draws here.

Update on Ukrainian refugee support programme

Support Cambs sit on a number of regional and national meetings (as well as some local ones) that are looking at responding to the potential influx of Ukrainian refugees under the government scheme.

At this stage there are more questions than answers but Govt at all levels are trying to address how things will work and how people can be supported and kept safe. The details of how the scheme will work locally are still being ironed out. There is potential to look at local support hubs to allow families and hosts to meet one another and to be a focus of support but this will depend on where people are settled. Voluntary groups will have an important role to play. Part of this role will be providing specialist services to support families, but also organisations will have a role in helping families engage in communities and have access to non specialist services. Families will potentially be arriving with very few possessions so given the first key takeaway below if you do have donations please keep them for potential local donation.

At this stage there are a couple of important takeaways.

  1. Do not donate goods, the Red Cross and others in Poland and other countries are overwhelmed and are having to divert resources to sort it out.
  2. As a general rule those leaving Ukraine do not have the UK as one of their preferred destinations. But a small percentage of the large numbers leaving the country is still more people than the UK takes in under usual circumstances.

Cyber-attack is an issue so please be aware as individuals and charities. There are lots more scams, there are also potentials for cyber attacks on those organisations known to be helping refugees. Please advise staff, volunteers and those you work with to be vigilant.

The Evelyn Trust Health and Wellbeing Small Grants – Quick Review Available

The Evelyn Trust has two Health and Wellbeing schemes. The Small Grant Awards scheme can be applied for at any point. Awards are for £4K-10K and applications are reviewed quarterly. Applicants are told promptly what the decision is. For the next round, applications received before 5pm on 17 March 2022 will be reviewed before the end of March. Funds are aimed at Cambridgeshire (including Peterborough) charitable organisations.


Please see their website for the application form and details

Use your Nectar points to do good

Use your Nectar points to help the people of Ukraine

Did you know that you can play your part in the global response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine by donating your Nectar points (as well as donating money).

Both unicef and the DEC can turn your Nectar points into cash and into real help.

Simply follow this link and click one of the Donate Now buttons. you can then go to that funds pages and when you press donate you will be given the option of donating Nectar points. you will need your number and password from Nectar to link your account and you will then be able to donate.

Join the new Citizen Participation Group

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Adopting Innovation Hub are looking for people to join their Citizen Participation Group. Interested? Read on for what they have to say about the role.

The Innovation Hub

In June 2021, we were delighted to be awarded a grant by the Health Foundation Adopting Innovation programme. Selected as one of four hubs, we will work across NHS organisations in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to become so good at adapting innovations that we can target new solutions to the most pressing problems we face and improve health outcomes for all.

An innovation is a new idea, practice or object whose application leads to added value, such as better health outcomes or cheaper costs. Spreading these new approaches within the NHS is challenging, but our experience tells us that working alongside citizens and staff really helps.

Co-production is the word we use to describe working together with citizens and staff on the design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of services.  The partners in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Innovation Hub are passionate about co-production because we understand innovations need to meet the needs of people who use them.

In accordance with the grant we have been awarded, the programme shall run from Feb 2022 to early 2024.

What will your role be?  

The Citizen Participation Group is being established to embed the public voice in the work of the Innovation Hub. As a member of the Citizen Participation Group, you will help to guide the design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of innovations that are implemented through the Hub.  The Citizen Participation Group will bring together a diverse range of citizen views and experiences from across the county to help to ensure that the work of the hub fully represents the views and interests of all.

About you

We are not expecting you to have any prior experience of being a citizen representative. All we ask is that you bring a passion for improving health and care and willingness to draw on your personal experience as a patient, family member or friend. The focus of the hub is to address health inequalities – unfair and avoidable differences in health across the population, and between different groups within society. Health inequalities arise because of conditions in which we are born, grow up, live, work and age. We would therefore love to hear from applicants from a diversity of backgrounds, including age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity and income.

What will you get in return?

The role provides a rewarding opportunity to contribute to the transformation of health and care and would be a valuable additional to your C.V. It will mean a commitment of approximately 3 hours a month which you will be paid for at approximately £10 per hour for meetings plus travel, and £20 per hour for additional work. The Citizen Participation Group will appoint two members to join the recruitment panel to appoint the Citizen Chair, who will sit within the hub leadership team.

How to Apply

Apply online at

Citizen Participation Group Application


Giving World Free Essential Goods

Giving World, a charity that receives donations of goods from businesses and redistributes these essential items to local charities and voluntary organisations for the people who need them most, recently contacted us to say that they would be interested in hearing from organisations in our area.

Following the challenges of the past few years and the further impending increase to the cost of living, the need in our communities will continue to grow. Giving World can help you to meet that need by providing business surplus stock free of charge, such as clothing, food items, toiletries, cleaning and household products as well as other useful items.

Organisations interested in receiving goods from Giving World will need to register on their website. Goods are delivered at cost starting from £10. A full pallet of items costs £70 to deliver. Rates are calculated at time of order, but this is a ‘promise to pay’ amount and Giving World will endeavour to reduce delivery costs where possible.

Given the cost of delivery, it is possible for organisations to work together to share delivery. Contact Giving World directly if you would be interested in forming such a cluster. Each organisation involved will need to register on the charity’s website.

To access these goods when you need them, simply register your organisation here.

The website currently does not mention Community Interest Companies or Social Enterprises as able to join, but we have been assured that such organisations can register. You will be asked for documentation to verify your not-for-private-profit status.

Organisations cannot charge beneficiaries for items supplied by Giving World or use the items for fundraising.

For more information, see the Giving World website

Adult Education Budget Consultation 2021-22


You still have time to have your say on improvements to Adult Education in our live consultation. If you have already taken part, thank you and if not, we would be delighted if you could share your views via consultation survey by 10am on March 15.


The Consultation


We are keen that local residents, businesses, colleges and other stakeholders get to share their views on how we best use the Adult Education Budget. We have launched a consultation on additional policy changes, which follows the consultation we launched at a similar time last year.

Proposed changes are outlined within the following consultation questions, and we welcome any feedback from our providers, stakeholders, and local residents to inform our thinking as we continue to reform and shape the delivery of AEB in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Responses from this consultation will be used to support the ongoing development of our long-term vision for skills, the AEB funding rules and and the new Economic Growth and Skills Strategy which is due to be published early this year.  You have until 15th March 2022 to send us your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you

Parminder Singh Garcha, Senior Responsible Officer, Adult Education Budget.


Fill in the survey here

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