Support Cambridgeshire to continue to be provided by Hunts Forum and CCVS

It gives us great pleasure to announce the award of the Voluntary and Community Sector Support and Development Services contract was awarded back to the Support Cambridgeshire partnership for a further three years.

From December 2021, the new contract will be delivered, with the partnership looking slightly different. Due to contractual requirements and a change in outcomes, the new collaboration will no longer include Cambridgeshire ACRE.

Both Hunts Forum and CCVS would like to thank the staff and trustees at Cambridgeshire ACRE for their work over the past five years and look forward to working in partnership in other ways in the future.

There will be a review of services, training, events and the look of Support Cambridgeshire in the coming months to identify the direction of the work of the partnership in the new contract.

Julie Farrow of Hunts Forum, Support Cambridgeshire lead, said, ‘we are excited to have been awarded this contract, to continue supporting the thriving communities of Cambridgeshire. However, we all know the challenges the future will hold following Brexit, COVID and budget restraints. Therefore the work of our VCSE is needed more than ever, and our support is vital in these testing times.’

Cambridgeshire Care Network continue to provide Navigator service

Cambridgeshire Care Network put out the below statement on Monday 8th Oct regarding their services and activities.


Support Cambridgeshire partners wanted to congratulate the charity on this achievement. We look forward to continuing to work with Care Network in the coming years.

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