Time to end Loneliness #UnLonely

Support Cambridgeshire reported earlier this year on the Cambridgeshire Time-bank Partnership and their Crowd-funder designed to end loneliness and isolation across the county.

They received some fantastic support, beating their original target and raising just under 4,000. So whats happened since..??

Here’s some examples of how the Partnership has used the donations to assist their communities:

Take a look at Yoshi using his skills to help his local community.

Susi comes to the rescue.

Sumi and Elsa pass on their creative side.

Children go lantern making crazy.

Time-banks are such a great way of bringing communities together. For more information on Time-banking visit here:

And another thing…….

In 2018 the ‘Time Exchange’ newsletter will be launched. Time Currencies in Cambridgeshire have been developing and this newsletter will share the work of both Cambridgeshire Time Credits and Time-banking. The newsletter will showcase lots of members’ stories, exchanges and spend opportunities.  Sign up and be the first to receive this exciting newsletter in 2018.

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