A trip in nature

As part of the Support Cambridgeshire Project a ‘Managing and Funding Green Spaces’ event was held at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve near St Neots on Wednesday the 24th May 2017.

Paxton Pits Nature Reserve  is managed by Huntingdonshire District Council Countryside Services and is supported by The Friends Group and the local community.

The workshop was well attended with 19 delegates representing 13 Parish Councils and one other organisation from across Cambridgeshire.

The afternoon began with a talk by Jim Stephenson (Senior Ranger) on the management of Paxton Pits, followed by a walk around part of the reserve.

Mark Nokkert of Cambridgeshire ACRE gave a power-point presentation on the potential funding opportunities for Green Spaces.

Several of the attendees visited the Little Paxton Recreation Ground with representatives from Little Paxton Parish Council to look at their outdoor gym equipment and netball court. The afternoon provided an opportunity for clerks and councillors from across the district to network and receive guidance on how to proceed with projects they are considering in the near future.

Excellent feedback was received from the delegates including:

  • The opening address by the Senior Ranger and the walk were excellent. The walk gave a great opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas.
  • Very useful new ideas.
  • There are always new ideas to learn from however long you have been doing something.

Keep up to date with events like these by visiting the Support Cambridgeshire website.

Who wants to be a dragon?

Ever thought of being a dragon?

The National Citizen Programme (or NCP) is a 4 week development programme aimed at young people (16 plus) from across Cambridgeshire.

The programme works with young people to help them build their self-confidence and team skills.

They then meet community people and organisations to understand the offer for their local community, and use this gained knowledge and skill to prepare and carry out their own Community piece of work which is called a Social Action Project, giving something back to their communities.

The hope is that the young people will continue with their volunteering or community role after the programme has ended.

Cambridgeshire County Council is looking for voluntary sector representatives to help out in a dragons-den style assessment of young people and their ideas.

This would involve hearing the young people pitch their ideas to the panel, where you can ask questions about the planning or the delivery.

The panel would decide if their project is well thought out and planned to go ahead.  It’s very light- hearted and will just encourage the young people to ensure they have planned their projects well.

There are two dates for the dragons- den:
• Tuesday 25th July 2017 at 2pm.
• Tuesday 15th Aug 2017 at 2pm.

Each day will have a panel in 2 locations:

• The Fire Station in Parkside – Cambridge.
• The Rock Road Library – Cambridge.

Potential dragon’s can choose their date and their preferred venue. Simply contact  Kim.Jeffries@cambridgeshire.gov.uk


A big thanks from the Timebanking Partnership

The Cambridgeshire Timebanking Partnership recently launched its first crowdfunder entitled Time to end loneliness.

And guess what: The target of £3,000 was stretched to £3,400 due to the generosity of donors, the final figure hitting £3,918!

There were a number of donations, ranging in value from £5.00 to £500.00. Together, all donors have helped fight loneliness within Cambridgeshire.

Loneliness can affect anyone at any stage of their life, and with the £3,918 raised Timebanks will be able to reach out to more people in our communities.

The Partnership would like to say a big thank you to Cambridge Assessment, RedGate Software and Taylor Wimpey for their support.

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