Cambridgeshire parish councils are stronger together

The parish conference held at The Burgess Hall in St Ives on 18 November 2016 was well attended, with 159 attendees including 111 individuals from 61 parish and town councils from across the County.

There were a number of showcase events resulting in the wall of ideas which were particularly well received. Work is currently being undertaken by the working group to identify ‘emerging themes’ from the list of things parish councils would like to do and who is best placed to support councils in exploring these ideas further.

As part of the Support Cambridgeshire Project Cambridgeshire ACRE, the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Association of Local Councils and the Cambridgeshire branch of the Society of Local Council Clerks are working together to undertake a survey of parish councillors and clerks across the County.

The idea is to gain clerks and councillors views on such things as training, support, the varied roles of clerk and councillor, communications and the Local Council Award Scheme. The idea being that the work undertaken by the Town & Parish Council Development Officer will provide maximum benefit to both clerks and councillors.

A link to the surveys will be sent out to all parish clerks, who will be asked to complete their survey, and pass on the councillors survey to their members. A link to the surveys will be included in the February Support Cambridgeshire Newsletter.

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