18 attend the Commissioning Forum (South)

18 Delegates from across the South of the County attended the first Support Cambridgeshire Commissioning Forum which took place at the Meadows Centre on the 11th October 2018.

The session was introduced by Julie Farrow (the lead CEO of Support Cambridgeshire) and aimed to bring the Commissioning Unit and Community based organisations into a closer working relationship where mutual benefit for all (including the beneficiaries of local services and projects) is established as a key driving principle.

Oliver Hayward and Shauna Torrance of the Commissioning Unit delivered a presentation which covered such topics as the role of Commissioning, the Commissioning Agenda, key financial drivers, the Commissioning Cycle, intentions and future priorities. This presentation can be viewed here: 

The delegates were then divided into 3 groups – with 4 key questions to address:

What is working well in Commissioning?

Where are the gaps?

How can all parties work together to deliver something new or different?

What happens next?

Group responses can be seen here:

What people said about the event:

It was great to get an update from Commissioners. This needs to be regular and on-going.

This was a well presented session with high value and content.

I was happy to observe the engagement from attendees and the openness of the Commissioners.

This was a great event and its interesting to see how things are changing for the better.

Being a small charity this was a really useful event. Understanding the pressures we all face helps to overcome some of our frustrations.

Organisations in attendance:

Link to Change: Connections Bus Project: Papworth Trust: Care Network: Homestart Cambridgeshire: Carers Trust CPN: Care Rooms: Choices: Support Cambridgeshire:

Hunts Forum: CARESCO: St Neots Time-bank: Cambridge City Council: Peterborough City Council: Cambridgeshire County Council.

A Commissioning Forum for the North of the County is now being planned. Dates and times will be published in due course. If you are interested in attending please contact Russell Rolph by E-Mail at russell@huntsforum.org.uk to register your interest.

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