Local People Board Update – June

Title of Group
Local People Board
Date 23 June 2023
Reps name  Sharon Allen, Arthur Rank Hospice Charity
Summary of agenda items / key themes discussed
Leadership Compact, ICB wanting to ensure this is socialised and lived throughout the system to proposed we use a simple scoring mechanism to provide an on-going Meeting Assessment. At the end of the meeting we reviewed and scored each component of the compact and how we had evidenced this throughout the meeting – a useful exercise we may wish to replicate at Health Alliance meetings?
ICB Board Assurance Framework 2023/24, there was discussion around how dynamic this is eg able to respond to today’s announcement about extended industrial action
Enabler Group Update, Health and Wellbeing (HWB), Giles Wright gave a presentation. There was a lot of discussion about the Staff Mental Health service, which received very positive feedback from those NHS organisations that pay for and use it. There was discussion about how this valued service could be available to the system and also how the voluntary sector could potentially be part of provision of a service that has a wider focus. Also confirmation that the Staff Support Hub has been funded until March 2024 by the ICB now that NHS England has ceased funding all staff support hubs (although see next item on proposal for regional hub).  Helpful analysis of what needs to be done at national, regional, local and provider/employer level.
Regional Staff Support Hub Options 2024/25: the ICB level staff support hubs across East of England have been working on a proposal to set up a regional (online) staff support hub funded by NHS partners, available for all of the sector, including voluntary sector. This is an enhancement to not replacement of local provision. NHSE allocating £2m to hubs nationally, about 10% coming to this region to develop regional hub. It was agreed to ask the HWB enabler group to look at in detail and make recommendation.
Leadership Programme Update – Civility Saves Lives, looking to develop a programme to promote a just and civil culture throughout the system, with Toolbox talks and access to a range of programmes, more details to follow.
CPICS – A joint project between Anglia Ruskin University (who have been given funding from Health Education England) and CIP ICS.  Looking at a local system, encouraging health and care careers and accessibility into the sector, developing knowledge and skills and integrating settings. The work will be led through the R&R and SED groups and has to be developed by March 2024.
Workforce Productivity Agenda – data analysis shows that C&P is one of highest growth projections of all regions. The challenge is that whilst financial investment in the workforce has increased, productivity has decreased. The challenge for the system is to secure workforce supply and deliver productivity improvement in 23/24 and assess workforce requirements for future years and determine what levers and levels of investment in education and training are needed to secure supply.
Provisional Future Agenda Items
September – Efficient & Effective Ways of Working, Education Learning & Development
Implications for the VCS
How are we embedding the Leadership Compact into all of our work and through our organisations?
Ensure we are engaged with the Wellbeing work, supporting the continuation of the Staff Support Hub and any plans to develop a Regional Hub as well as discussions around possibility of extending mental health service to and from our sector.
Opportunity to engage with the Leadership Programme and Civility Saves Lives, look out for further details.
Engage with the joint project with ARU to support with our talent pipeline.
As above
Date, time and venue of next meeting and name of representative who will be attending
15 September, 13.30, face to face – venue tbc, Sharon will attend

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